Matcha Aloe Vera Face Pops


Matcha Aloe Vera Face Pops

Cool and soothe off your skin this summer with these homemade Aloe Vera Matcha Popsicles!

If you've been scrolling endlessly on TikTok like us, you may have come across a few creative ways to make these Aloe Vera Popsicles and of course, we had to remake these with a matcha twist.
Here's how you can incorporate the all-natural benefits of matcha and aloe vera in your skincare routine:







  1. Slice aloe vera in half
  2. Scoop out aloe vera
  3. blend aloe vera, matcha powder, and honey
  4. place in popsicle mold for at least 5 hours
  5. Rub gently on face