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    Organic Ceremonial Matcha

    Premium first harvest tea leaves are picked and carefully crafted into our Ceremonial Grade matcha, giving it an exceptionally smooth flavor profile best appreciated when sipping as traditionally prepared tea.

    Organic Barista Edition Cafe Matcha

    Flavorful first harvest tea leaves were chosen for our Barista Edition matcha and crafted specifically for exceptional lattes and gourmet recipes. This grade is preferred by baristas and expert chefs alike.

    Organic Culinary Matcha

    Ground from second harvest tea leaves, our Culinary Grade matcha is a versatile ingredient for blended preparations like lattes, smoothies, and baked goods - providing beautiful color and rich, distinctive flavor.

    Organic Commercial Matcha

    Ground from late harvest tea leaves, our Commercial Grade matcha has a more pronounced green tea bitter note. It’s best used as a healthy boost in smoothies, baked goods, supplements, and other prepared foods.

    Organic Sweetened Matcha Blends

    Make your own cafe style matcha latte at home!

    Premium Matcha Latte Infusions

    Organic matcha crafted specifically for exceptional lattes, infused with carefully chosen functional ingredients and adaptogens for health and well-being. Just blend, whisk, or shake with your favorite milk until smooth for a delicious latte, hot or iced.

    Organic Matcha Smoothie Boosters

    Energizing and nutritious blends for your daily smoothie, powered by matcha.

    Organic Matcha Fruit Bites

    Real fruit + Japanese matcha come together in a delicious, energizing snack on the go!

    Sets & Gifts

    Beautiful sets for matcha beginners and experts alike!