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    First Harvest 2019

    Uji & Kagoshima, Japan

    This past April our team took a trip to visit our partner farms in Japan for the first harvest of the year...and I wanted to share a bit of that experience with you.


    We began in the lush southern region of Kagoshima, where forward-thinking farmers have transformed the landscape into the largest producer of organic tea in the country. The northern part of the region boasts beautiful wooded mountains, while to the south you'll find broad flat fields, palm trees, and a lot of sunshine - reminds me of southern California.


    Kagoshima - Jade Leaf Matcha

    Kagoshima - Jade Leaf Matcha

    Kagoshima - Jade Leaf Matcha


    Our journey then brought us through Uji, the famed "Napa Valley" of matcha tea cultivation located centrally in Japan near the historic city of Kyoto.  Family farms here stretch back countless generations, and the tea industry permeates nearly every aspect of life.


    Uji - Jade Leaf Matcha


    Visiting farmers and their families is one of the greatest privileges of our work. They are so warm and inviting and eager to share their passion for their craft. We were able to sit down with several of our partners for more in depth discussions, and we can't wait to share their stories a little later this year (stay tuned!)


    Jade Leaf Matcha - Farmer Dinner

    Jade Leaf Matcha - Farmer Karaoke


    The trip this year was extra special as our newest team member, Jules, got to experience the breathtaking fields and vibrant culture for the first time. Here's what she had to say:

    "I never believed in love at first sight… that was until I saw my first matcha tea field in Kagoshima, Japan. I remember taking a moment to myself to walk through the rows of tea bushes as tears welled up in my eyes—I was in awe and couldn’t believe that my love, passion, and drive for sharing the wonders of matcha with my Instagram communities @matcha.sf @matcha.la @matcha.nyc opened doors and allowed me to experience this matcha wonderland with Marc and Will. I couldn’t help but cry because I was finally in the presence of the very tea leaves that I have spent the last four years creating a life around. I’m so grateful that I was able to share my first trip to Japan (and first trip out of the country!) with my Jade Leaf Matcha family. I’ll never forget how it felt to: pick my first tea leaf, share space with our matcha tea farmers, do karaoke with one of those tea farmers, get an inside look of the matcha production facilities (I felt like Charlie in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory... but for matcha), and the feeling of finally getting to cross 'Visit a matcha farm' off of my #matchabucketlist. This was hands down my highlight of 2019."


    Jules - Tea Fields - Jade Leaf Matcha

    Jules - Tea Fields - Jade Leaf Matcha

    Jules - Tea Fields - Jade Leaf Matcha


    Life is about people, and we are so lucky to be surrounded by those who share a love for matcha, from those who make it, to those who enjoy it each and every day. Thank you for your trust in us.

    From our family to yours, so matcha gratitude.


    Marc St Raymond
    Co-Founder, Jade Leaf Matcha

    BALANCING YOUR HUSTLE: Podcast Interview with our Co-founders Marc & Will


    Our Co-founders Marc St Raymond and Will Crowthers made their debut in  Episode 84 of the BALANCING YOUR HUSTLE Podcast with hosts Helen and Kayleigh!

    Marc and Will give insight into:

    • how their incredible start in the Tech Industry led them to journey into the tea world
    • personal tips on creating and achieving work-life balance as entrepreneurs 
    • matcha and its health benefits
    • valuable tips for brands trying to make it on Amazon
    • an inside look into our company, team, and relationships with our partner tea farmers
    • and SO MATCHA more!

    I don't want to share too much info, but one of my favorite parts of this episode is hearing their Tech to Tea founder story and how Jade Leaf Matcha came to be. It's inspiring to see how two friends came together and created this amazing company and community around something they both love. 

    We'd love for you to take a listen and, as always, we are completely open to your thoughts and feedback! 


    Matcha gratitude,


    Meet Our Matcha Fruit Bites 🍋🍏🍑

    Our fruit bites are a convenient energy and antioxidant boost any time you need it, whether you're out on a hike or fighting through that mid-afternoon slump at your desk. Made with simple organic ingredients - delicious real fruit purees infused with our authentic Japanese matcha - with no added sugar or artificial preservatives. Just a tasty, clean, energizing snack you can feel good about enjoying.

    Read more

    Matcha Mask Giveaway

    Based on the amazing response to our Ceremonial Gift Set Giveaway (winner to be announced in 2 days! still time to enter here)...we realized we *had* to do one for our Matcha Face Mask DIY Starter Kit as well!

    Do you love all-natural nourishing skin treatments (or have a friend that does?)—this set is for you! It includes all the tools you need to prepare antioxidant-packed matcha facial masks at home.

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    As before, 10 winners total will be chosen, so those are some good odds! Bonus entries for sharing the giveaway with friends (people helping people, you know?)  So spread the matcha love :)

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    Matcha Moments

    Last fall I got to experience a perfect matcha moment while camping in the expansive wilderness of northern California. The air was fresh and perfectly comfortable. The soft sounds of nature were tranquil and calming.

    In my hand I had a cup of ceremonial matcha I had prepared just minutes before. Everything in that moment felt just right, and I remember it fondly. Sometimes meditation doesn't require closed eyes or controlled breath...it's just about catching yourself in the present moment, mindful and content.
    Fall is such a great time for camping, and I hope some of you get the chance to find your own matcha moments out in the beauty of nature.