Linda Wartanian (aka @glowbylinda) On Her Beauty Holy Grail, Biggest Inspiration + How Matcha Changed Her Life

Last month, we asked our community on Instagram to name an influencer/creator they wanted Jade Leaf to collab with for the month of April... and quite a few people named @glowbylinda! So, of course we listened and reached out to the Professional Makeup Artist & matcha lover. 

So, what's Linda's favorite Jade leaf product and her holy grail beauty product? We wanted to know too! After getting to know Linda a little more with some fun Q&A's, we totally understand why she is so loved by her community! 

3 words that describe you best:
Funny, Loud, Artistic

Do you remember your first time trying Jade Leaf Matcha:
Yes of course, I was hooked from the first sip and pleasantly surprised to be honest because I was a loyal coffee connoisseur for years prior to switching to matcha. I have never felt better!

The strongest woman you know and why:
My mom is the biggest inspiration in my life because she is so emotionally strong and I admire that. She is basically the glue to our family and everyone who knows her knows the love she gives is one-of-a-kind and genuine. She does everything she puts her mind to and makes it seem very effortless. She is an authentic woman all around and a blessing to us.

Morning person or night owl: 
Night owl definitely!

Favorite Jade Leaf Matcha product:

Organic Cafe Style Sweetened Matcha Latte Mix - Original

Favorite health & wellness product atm: 

Fiber Gummies

How do you destress:
I destress often by disconnecting and taking a trip to Palm Springs or Las Vegas usually with my family and friends.

Life motto:

No matter what, just keep going and keep trying. 

Make-up staple:
MAC Cosmetics Strobe Cream to moisturize and add an illuminating look to your face and body.

Favorite social media platform:
It has to be a tie between Instagram and TikTok! However, if I absolutely had to pick one, it would be Instagram.

Favorite song atm:

“Green Light” by Enisa

If you could give your younger self advice it would be:
To be kind to yourself first.

Thank you Linda, we have so matcha love for you! 💚