Jade Leaf Matcha Founders


Will and I have loved matcha for years as a healthy energy boost. Back in 2014, most brands importing matcha to the U.S. were either selling low quality green tea powder (often from China), or ridiculously overcharging for it (the classic “luxury brand” approach).

We thought we could do better with a simple promise – premium quality, organic Japanese matcha at a fair price - direct from farmers we know and trust.

It’s the promise we founded the company on, and it holds true to this day.

As our direct-trade partner farm network expands, we’ll continue to increase the quality of our signature grades, while also providing rare and exceptional offerings with each harvest.

Matcha is about people - from the farmers who cultivate each leaf with care, to the tea masters who craft the leaves with precision, to those of us who enjoy the taste and the way it makes us feel.

We're matcha lovers just like you, and rest assured we're always here to help. Please reach out anytime...we'd love to hear from you.



Jade Leaf Matcha Founders and Farmers