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    Matcha Recipes

    Matcha Overnight Oats

    Matcha Overnight Oats

    Recipe credit: oh my veggies

    There's arguably no better time to enjoy your matcha than first thing in the morning—it's the perfect boost of energy to start your day.

    That's why I was super psyched to find this recipe that brings together matcha and one of my favorite breakfast foods: oatmeal!

    Get the full recipe here >>

    Matcha and Mushroom Soup

    Recipe credit: Food Network

    The extra cold weather lately has reminded me that we are *definitely* in soup season. And though it may sound crazy, the deep umami flavor of matcha actually lends itself wonderfully to a rich and hearty broth!

    Check out this recipe from the Food Network that combines the earthy taste of matcha and mushrooms.

    Get the full recipe here >>

    Coconut Banana Matcha Smoothie

    Bourbon and Honey | Coconut Banana Matcha Smoothie

    Recipe Credit: Bourbon and Honey

    There's no better time than January to get refreshed and recharged and get started on healthy habits to take us into the year ahead.

    On that note, we've found this simple matcha smoothie recipe that would be a *fantastic* start to anyone's morning routine. Refreshing, energizing, satisfying, delicious, and jam packed with nutrition.

    Get the full recipe here >>