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    Introducing the world's first Organic Matcha Latte Mix

    It's no secret that one of our customers' favorite ways to enjoy matcha is in a delicious latte...and we've just made it a whole lot easier to make a perfect one.

    Introducing the world's first fully organic Matcha Latte Mix. It's convenient, all natural, and utterly delicious.

    Up to now, the latte mixes we were finding at the grocery store were all full of weird emulsifiers and artificial ingredients. We believe all a latte truly needs is good quality matcha and a little sweetness, to which you add your own fresh milk (whichever kind you like!)

    So we kept our mix that simple, just two ingredients: organic matcha and some organic sugar.  Nothing else added.  It's organic, vegan, gluten-free, gmo-free...and absolutely delicious.

    ==>Try New Jade Leaf Organic Matcha Latte Mix (10 servings per bag)


    How to brew the perfect cup

    With our mix all you need to do is add your favorite milk (regular, almond, coconut or soy all work great).  My personal favorite is unsweetened vanilla almond milk :)  

    We've taken care to make sure this mixes easily...you absolutely do not need a blender to get a perfect cup!

    For a delicious hot latte, simply whisk or stir 8oz (1 cup) of hot milk with 1 tablespoon of mix. If you want to get fancy use a steamer or milk frother for a cafe style foam finish.

    For a refreshing iced latte, shake 8oz (1 cup) of cold milk with 1 tablespoon of mix, then pour over ice. So good!

    Just click here to grab your own bag of our new Organic Matcha Latte Mix and enjoy this delicious blend anytime and anywhere you want it.