Ceremonial Matcha: Teahouse vs. Barista Ceremonial Matcha
Within Jade Leaf’s core line of products are two distinct ceremonial matcha offerings: our Teahouse Edition and our Barista Edition. Read on to determine which is right for you...
Hojicha vs. Matcha: What's The Difference?

While matcha will always be our first love, we also adore Hojicha and are truly excited to share this special Japanese green tea with you.

DIY: Dream Matcha Station
Who else LOVES an organized station that’s dedicated to matcha? We’re obsessed! These tools will make you feel like a pro matcharista in your own kitchen...
Water Temperature Matters When Brewing Matcha
Did you know that water temperature matters when it comes to matcha? It sure does! We conducted a water temperature test to show you how hot water affects the color of matcha.
Matcha Clumps Are a Sign of High Quality Matcha

Matcha can be clumpy, don't be grumpy :)

We often receive questions about why matcha has clumps. There is a misconception that clumpy matcha equates to "bad" matcha, which is far from the truth. Keep reading on why clumps are an indicator of high quality, stone-ground matcha and for a tip on how to ensure each cup is clump-free.