Matcha Tea Benefits: A Comprehensive Guide to Better Health
Learn the health benefits of matcha green tea powder - why it's one of the healthiest drinks you can enjoy. Explore how to make matcha part of your daily routine and why it's so good for you!
Ceremonial Matcha: Teahouse vs. Barista Ceremonial Matcha
Within Jade Leaf’s core line of products are two distinct ceremonial matcha offerings: our Teahouse Edition and our Barista Edition. Read on to determine which is right for you...
Hojicha vs. Matcha: What's The Difference?

While matcha will always be our first love, we also adore Hojicha and are truly excited to share this special Japanese green tea with you.

Water Temperature Matters When Brewing Matcha
Did you know that water temperature matters when it comes to matcha? It sure does! We conducted a water temperature test to show you how hot water affects the color of matcha.
Matcha Clumps Are a Sign of High Quality Matcha

Matcha can be clumpy, don't be grumpy :)

We often receive questions about why matcha has clumps. There is a misconception that clumpy matcha equates to "bad" matcha, which is far from the truth. Keep reading on why clumps are an indicator of high quality, stone-ground matcha and for a tip on how to ensure each cup is clump-free.