Water Temperature Matters When Brewing Matcha
Did you know that water temperature matters when it comes to matcha? It sure does! We conducted a water temperature test to show you how hot water affects the color of matcha.
Matcha Clumps Are a Sign of High Quality Matcha

Matcha can be clumpy, don't be grumpy :)

We often receive questions about why matcha has clumps. There is a misconception that clumpy matcha equates to "bad" matcha, which is far from the truth. Keep reading on why clumps are an indicator of high quality, stone-ground matcha and for a tip on how to ensure each cup is clump-free.

Matcha Oxidizes: Here's Everything You Need to Know
Did you know that matcha naturally oxidizes? Yup, just like apples, bananas, and other foods. Learn more about steps you can take to slow down the rate of oxidation and keep your matcha as fresh as possible.
The Best Travel Tumbler For Matcha
We've tested numerous insulated travel tumblers and absolutely LOVE the Carter Move Mug by Fellow Products. Here's why this is the best travel tumbler to keep your #jadeleafmatcha drinks delicious while protecting the integrity of the matcha itself.
Ceremonial and Culinary Grade Matcha: Everything You Need to Know
The main difference between Ceremonial and Culinary Grade matcha is the period (or season) tea leaves are harvested, which yields different characteristics. Here are some things to keep in mind when determining which grade is best for you.
Matcha Health Benefits
Not only does matcha taste great, it’s also really healthy for you! Whether you’re enjoying matcha as tea, a latte, in a smoothie, or some other tasty treat, your body is enjoying the amazing benefits of this powerhouse ingredient.