The Best Travel Tumbler For Matcha


The Best Travel Tumbler For Matcha

We've tested numerous insulated travel tumblers and absolutely LOVE the Carter Move Mug by Fellow Products. Here's why this is the best travel tumbler to keep your #jadeleafmatcha drinks delicious while protecting the integrity of the matcha itself.

1. It has a ceramic inner lining

Did you know that stainless steel (used in many insulated travel tumblers) reacts with the catechins present in matcha powder? This results in metallic-tasting matcha. The ceramic lining ensures that you are experiencing the true flavor profiles of our matcha offerings without picking up on "old penny" tasting notes present in tumblers that have a stainless steel interior.


2. It's perfect for hot or cold matcha drinks


The Carter Move Mug retains heat for 12 hours and stays cold for 24 hours due to its heat-lock double wall vacuum. Whisk up a fresh hot or iced matcha latte and pour it into your mug, you'll be pleasantly surprised that your matcha tastes just a fresh hours into making it.


3. It has a drinkable thin lip - great for experiencing tasting notes

Their tapered thin lip mimics a Cabernet glass to deliver coffee directly to your taste buds while also sitting comfortably on your mouth. This design feature is a wonderful addition for those that are actively developing their palate to hone in on the nuances of flavor matcha can have.


4. It has a handy splash guard

Many of us are constantly on the move. If you're a multitasker like myself, you have probably tried sipping on a matcha latte while walking or driving, only to spill some onto your shirt. Not fun. Fellow's snap-in splash guard completely alleviates this problem, you can now sip on your matcha mess-free.


5. It's travel friendly

The Carter Move Mug fits in most cup holders, unlike its predecessor the Carter Everywhere Mug. Whisk up a fresh matcha latte, pour it into your Move Mug, twists on its leak proof seal, and go on with your fabulous self!


We are fans of Fellow

We hope this blog article was helpful to those that have always been curious about which travel tumbler to invest in. This was simply our recommendation around the best travel tumbler to use. I personally use the Carter Move Mug and love how it keeps my matcha tasting delicious. If aesthetic is important to you, this mug is gorgeous and has a minimal design. For those still in search for a tumbler, we highly suggest purchasing one that has a ceramic lining. This is probably one of the most important features to look out for.


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