How to care for your handcrafted matchaware


How to care for your handcrafted matchaware

Purchasing handcrafted matcha or teaware is an investment that elevates your matcha ritual or routine. We are proud to partner with Lisa Tsubouchi for the release of our limited batch of handcrafted matchaware. Shop Matchaware >

What is matcha ware?


Matchaware (or teaware) refers to the the tools or equipment used in the preparation and enjoyment of matcha. Traditionally, there are a number of tools utilized in a Japanese Tea Ceremony that includes: chawan (tea bowl), chasen (bamboo whisk), chashaku (tea scoop), chazutsu (tea caddy), among others.


Our handcrafted matchaware


We are proud to partner with Lisa Tsubouchi for the release of our limited batch of handcrafted matchaware that includes our matcha bowl set and matcha tumbler.

Each piece was made by Lisa's hands, on the pottery wheel in her Berkeley studio.



Minimally designed, the earthen white clay beautifully showcases the deep and vibrant green hues of freshly whisked matcha.


Meet the artist: Lisa Tsubouchi


Lisa is a Bay Area Native, a professional event planner, floral designer and potter. Her goal is to create functional beauty with meaning. Whether it’s a wedding, a piece of pottery or a floral arrangement, she is fueled by attention and intention, making her creations memorable and unique.

She has been a member of The Potters’ Studio in Berkeley, CA since 2013 where her main focus has been tumblers and bowls. Lisa is second-generation Japanese on her father's side; Japanese language, culture and customs are a huge part of Lisa's everyday life and identity.


Caring for your matchaware

If you are the proud owner of one of our handcrafted chawans or tumblers, here are some tips on how you can continue to care for your pieces.

Our handcrafted matchaware is expertly made with earthen clay, then half dipped in white glaze. The glaze used showcases slight variation depending on where it sits in the kiln. Thus, each piece is totally unique and impossible to be exactly replicated — no two are alike!

Upon the first use of your matchaware, we recommend hand washing each piece with mild soap and a non-abrasive sponge. Allow your matchaware to air dry (or gently dry with a soft towel - like a tenugui towel).

Matchaware is dishwasher and microwave safe, however, hand washing is highly recommended.

White clays are more susceptible to staining. Matcha residue can be easily removed with Bar Keepers Friend and other food-safe soft scrub cleaners.


Storing your matchaware

As matchaware is an investment in your matcha ritual, please feel free to safely store your pieces when not in use. When storing matchaware, ensure that it is completely dry to prevent moisture from building. Avoid stacking your matcha bowls or tumblers on top of one another to prevent any opportunity of cracking or accidental breaks when in storage.

Many matcha and tea enthusiasts take great pride in their collection and prefer to display their matchaware as it brings them great joy — I am one of them. I have a dedicated matcha and tea area that displays my prized items. Should you choose to display your pieces, use the same precautions and avoid stacking on top of one another. Before using your displayed matchaware, rinse or gently wipe down each piece to remove any dust or debris.


How to use your handcrafted matchaware


Our handcrafted matchaware are most notably used for traditionally preparing matcha. Utilizing traditional matchaware like our matcha bowl (chawan) and bamboo whisk (chasen) provides a unique opportunity to pay homage to the rich history of matcha, while creating an opportunity to pause and slow down from your busy day. Follow these simple steps to traditionally prepare matcha >



Matcha grade matters!

Ceremonial Grade Matcha is crafted from young tea leaves and buds harvested during Ichibancha (literally meaning  “first tea” or First Harvest season from late April to May) and is regarded as the highest quality one can consume. Selecting our Ceremonial GradeLimited Edition Tea Master's Reserve or Limited Edition Single Origin Tasting Set when preparing traditional tea will ensure a smooth and vibrant (both in color and flavor) experience.


Building your matchaware collection 


As your love for matcha grows, so does your love and appreciation for matchaware — it's inevitable and highly addictive! Your handcrafted matchaware is a piece that can grow with you for years and years to come. As we (ourselves) are collectors, we are delighted to continue releasing extremely limited batches of matchaware to add to your growing collection. Just like our first release of handcrafted matchaware, no two collections will be alike. Stay tuned for our future releases!


What questions do you have about matchaware?

We welcome any and all questions you may have about matchaware. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us; you can do so by emailing our Support Team or sending us a DM on Instagram.


Xx, Matcha Jules