Valentine’s Day Ideas For Everyone You Love — Including Yourself!

Valentine’s Day Ideas For Everyone You Love — Including Yourself!

Lavish Your Matcha Bae With These Thoughtful Ideas

Need Valentine’s Day inspo? Here are some thoughtful ways you can shower everyone you love (including yourself) with soooo matcha love.



Nothing beats breakfast in bed, especially if it was made with so matcha love. Surprise your loved one on Valentine's Day morning by whipping up this delicious recipe.



Treat your loved one (or yourself) to a relaxing, hot matcha latte milk bath. This plant-based recipe highlights skin nourishing ingredients like organic matcha, coconut milk powder, and a detoxifying blend of Dead Sea salts.



Glow on with your bad self! Try this luscious, collagen-boosting matcha mask recipe before your date. This simple recipe takes literally seconds to whip up and highlights our GLOW infusion that brings together pasture-raised collagen and plant-based biotin that your skin will love.




Spoil your matcha bae with the ULTIMATE gift for matcha lovers, our 2019 Limited Edition Gift Set. Create an experience for your person — light a few candles, place a silky blindfold over their eyes, and walk them through an intimate matcha tasting that will energize them for however your day/night will unfold. Below are some pairing suggestions that will enhance the nuanced flavor profiles of each Limited Edition offering.

2019 Limited Edition Pairing Suggestions


Henta Tea Garden

  • Tasting Notes: Bright, light-bodied, mildly tart, with flavors of baby spinach, sweet citrus, yuzu
  • Pairing suggestion: Mint chocolate, figs, persimmon, mango, vanilla

Harima Tea Garden

  • Tasting Notes: Bright, medium-bodied, smooth, with flavors of stonefruit, plum, arugula
  • Pairing suggestion: Chocolate-covered nuts (almonds, macadamias, etc.), honey, toffee, vanilla shortbread cookies

Orita Tea Garden

  • Tasting Notes: Clean, medium-bodied, creamy, with flavors of milk chocolate, almonds, caramel
  • Pairing suggestion: Banana, asian pear, raspberries, whipped cream

Morita-san's Blend

  • Tasting Notes: Complex, full-bodied, nutty, with flavors of raw cacao, white sesame, baby greens
  • Pairing suggestion: Passionfruit, chocolate-covered strawberries, sea salt, creme fraiche


Valentine's Day is just 4 days away! 

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