Cafe Style Sweetened Matcha Latte Mix - Sugar Free

Cafe Style Sweetened Matcha Latte Mix - Sugar Free

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Cafe Style Sweetened Matcha Latte Mix - Sugar Free

Cafe Style Sweetened Matcha Latte Mix - Sugar Free

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Create delicious, sugar-free cafe-inspired matcha lattes at home with our creamy matcha latte mix, lightly sweetened with a blend of all-natural monk fruit and erythritol.

Size: 5.3oz (15 servings)


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Used For: Cafe Style Hot or Iced Sugar-Free Matcha Lattes

Matcha Grade: Proprietary Blend of Ceremonial and Culinary Matcha

Flavor Profile: Smooth Sugar-Free Blend

Caffeine Level: 20-30mg (∼ 1/3 cup of coffee)

Product Origin: Uji & Kagoshima, Japan

Why Sugar-Free Latte Mix is your perfect match-a:

  • Easily make perfect sugar-free cafe style matcha lattes at home with your favorite milks and syrups.
  • Crafted by baristas with the perfect balance of delightful, sugar-free flavor—at a more affordable price than your favorite cafe.
  • Experience a matcha-powered energy boost to kick-start your day, containing only ⅓ the caffeine than an 8oz cup of coffee.
  • Certifications: USDA Organic, Japanese Matcha, Farm-Direct, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free


Erythritol, Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea, Monk Fruit Extract

How To Use

Just add two teaspoons of matcha latte mix with 1/4 cup of warm water. When well mixed, combine with your favorite hot or cold milk and enjoy! For a true café experience, froth your milk first!

  • 100% pure matcha

    Additive-free and crafted from pure, shade-grown organic green tea leaves, ground into ultra-fine powder to create high-quality matcha bursting with flavor and nutrients.

  • Japanese Farm Direct

    We source our matcha directly from family-owned partner farms. Our tea masters fuse traditional and modern techniques to cultivate leaves packed with flavor and nutrients.

  • Easy To Make

    With just a few simple steps you can enjoy delicious matcha lattes in the comfort of your own home - say goodbye to those $6 lattes and lengthy queues.

  • Customize To Your Taste

    Personalize your matcha to your taste, whether you prefer it strong or light, and your choice of sweeteners, milk, or syrups.