Team Highlight: Meet Will, Our Co-founder and CEO

Team Highlight: Meet Will, Our Co-founder and CEO

Over the couple of months, we will be highlighting each of our team members to give you an opportunity to get to know them on a deeper level. 

We would love for you to meet our incredible CEO and one of the best leaders I've had an opportunity to work with, Will Crowthers. If you would like to stay in touch with Will, feel free to give him a follow on Instagram @willtravels!


Will, can you describe your role/work to the community? What are some projects/initiatives you're responsible for?

As co-founder and CEO my largest responsibility is continuing to develop a people first business. For all of our communities - customers, partners, and team - it is my job to ensure each is included, making progress, and are ultimately satisfied in each of their pursuits.


What is one valuable lesson about life or work that you've learned while being on the Jade Leaf Matcha team? 

The sum of the whole is much greater than each part. Our team shows that 1 + 1 can equal 3! With inclusion, collaboration, and determination, incredible creativity and results from a very small team can be had.



What is one mantra or quote you reference often or live by?

Anything can be seen as a gift or opportunity - it is truly up to your perspective.


Is there a project or hobby that brings you joy currently? What do you love most about it?

Recently I've discovered running! It has become both a hobby and a project. I've gone from struggling to run a mile to now running a 5k every week and a second run each week to build endurance and/or speed. The runner's high is real ... and it's truly meditative.


What is your favorite JLM product and why? 

My favorite Jade Leaf product is our Ceremonial Grade. The quality is incredible which means a traditional bowl of matcha is an amazing experience ... and you can use it to indulge in a fancy latte or otherwise by adding a "shot" to your favorite drink. My go to for a long-time has been ceremonial matcha + coconut water!


What impact do you want to have on the world? 

Back to people first - I want each person who touches Jade Leaf to have the best experience in that regard. I want our customers to go to Jade Leaf for the highest quality matcha at a fair price to nourish their bodies. I want our partners to be satisfied and successful through our relationships. I want our team to have career building experiences that are motivating and uplifting. Through each of these communities, people around the world will have incredible experiences through Jade Leaf.