Matcha, But Make It SAVORY!

Matcha, But Make It SAVORY!

While it's common to see matcha recipes incorporated in dessert and drink/latte recipes, we want to put an emphasis on how versatile matcha is as an ingredient. 

Recipes outside of the box (er, well latte...)

Matcha is such a wonderful addition to savory recipes — it adds a beautiful and naturally green hue while offering subtle, earthy notes to dishes like our Matcha Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna and our Matcha Shrimp Tempura.



We love playing around in the kitchen to bring you unique, creative, and DELISH savory matcha recipes you can try your hand at. Jules has a mental backlog of recipes she has been wanting to create, but if you ever want to see us experiment with one of your fave savory recipes, feel free to connect with us on Instagram or reply directly to this email with your suggestions.


Which matcha grade should I use for savory recipes?

We would recommend using our Culinary Grade matcha for savory dishes, however, it is entirely up to your personal preference which grade of matcha you use for your own enjoyment (plenty of folks use culinary matcha for tea, while others won’t even bake cookies with anything less than ceremonial). Our grade designations are simply guidelines for what we think works best for each use case. Feel free to explore our Pure Matcha offerings to learn which grade is best for you!


Culinary Grade Matcha (starting at $9.95)

Ground from second harvest tea leaves, our Culinary Grade matcha is a versatile ingredient for blended preparations like lattes, smoothies, and baked goods - providing beautiful color and rich, distinctive flavor. Shop our Culinary Grade matcha >