Sugar Free Iced Matcha Latte (Keto Friendly)


Sugar Free Iced Matcha Latte (Keto Friendly)

This barista-crafted mix is your answer to easy-to-make matcha lattes! Save money and time, skip the Starbucks® and Dunkin® line.

What is Café Style Matcha Latte Mix sweetened with?



Our NEW Sugar Free Matcha Latte Mix is naturally sweetened with a blend of monk fruit and erythritol. It is also Plant Based, Dairy Free, Keto Friendly, along with zero net carbs and zero glycemic.

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How to make Sugar Free Iced Matcha Latte



You can make a café-style matcha latte at home in just a few easy steps! Here’s how:

  1. Make a matcha shot: Just add the matcha latte mix to warm water and combine! You can make a matcha shot by shaking in a jar, using an electric whisk, or a chasen (bamboo whisk.)
  2. Pour over milk: Use your favorite milk! Almond, oat, soy, coconut, dairy- all work great!
  3. Stir: stir the matcha into the milk and enjoy!


Sugar Free Iced Matcha Latte




  • 2 tsp Sugar Free Matcha Latte Mix (3 tsp if you prefer a stronger matcha flavor)
  • 1/4 cup (2oz) warm water
  • 1 cup (8oz) milk - plant based or dairy
  • Ice





  1. Make a matcha shot by whisking or shaking 2-3 tsp of Sugar Free Matcha Latte mix with 2oz warm water until the mix is completely blended.
  2. Fill a tall glass with ice and pour in cold milk (plant based or dairy...our favorites are almond and oat)
  3. Top it off with your matcha shot
  4. Stir & enjoy!