Kiwi Coconut Boba Latte


Kiwi Coconut Boba Latte

It's a one-way ticket to paradise with this drink bursting with tropical flavors and delicious boba!

There's nothing better than sipping on a drink that takes you straight to paradise! But, the real star of the show in this is our Limited Edition 2021 Kamimuro Saemidori Ceremonial Matcha. The sweet and creamy umami notes of this matcha truly makes this one of a kind.








  1. Cook tapioca pearls according to package instructions

  2. Matcha Shot: Add water to a bowl. Sift in the matcha and add sweetener, if desired. Combine using a chasen (bamboo whisk) or electric whisk.

  3. Peel kiwi and smash/blend until smooth.

  4. To a glass, add kiwi puree, boba pearls to a glass, ice cubes, milk of choice, coconut syrup, and top with your matcha shot and coconut whip.

  5. Add a boba straw, sip, and enjoy!