Matcha Health Benefits
Not only does matcha taste great, it’s also really healthy for you! Whether you’re enjoying matcha as tea, a latte, in a smoothie, or some other tasty treat, your body is enjoying the amazing benefits of this powerhouse ingredient.
Matcha Grades
Much like wine, matcha is sold in a very wide range of quality levels (and a very wide range of price points to match). This quality is determined by where it is grown, how it is cultivated, when it is harvested, and how it is processed. Grade designation and pricing is entirely up to the brand selling the matcha - so please keep that in mind and always purchase matcha from a trusted source, with accurately assigned grades and fair pricing for the grade of matcha you receive.
How Matcha is Made
Matcha is green tea, but not all green tea is matcha. Specialized techniques are used in the farming and production of matcha to yield its wonderful taste, high nutrient content, and unique powdered form.
History of Matcha
The practice of making matcha is over 1000 years old, and it plays an especially integral role in Japanese culture.
What is Matcha?
Matcha is the most premium variety of shade-grown Japanese green tea leaves that are ground into a fine powder. For centuries, monks have enjoyed matcha to support well-being and concentration during meditation. While other green teas are grown throughout the world, true authentic matcha is unique to Japan.