Team Highlight: Meet Nikko, Our Communications Manager

Team Highlight: Meet Nikko, Our Communications Manager

Over the next couple of months, we will be highlighting each of our team members to give you an opportunity to get to know each of us on a deeper level. So far, you have met our CEO Will, Director of Foodservice Robbie, Brand Manager Jules, and now we're excited for you to learn more about Nikko, our Communications Manager.

Can you describe your role/work to the community? What are some projects/initiatives you're responsible for?

My role as a Communications Manager is really working in customer happiness! I get the privilege of connecting directly with our customers, whether that be the inbound DMs to our Instagram or emails reaching out to for support.


What is one valuable lesson about life or work that you've learned while being on the Jade Leaf Matcha team?

Since working with the Jade Leaf Team, I have learned to see collaboration and support as one of the most important parts of my work. I love being able to confidently reach out to any of the team members and know they will be happy to help out.


What is one mantra or quote you reference often or live by? 

Think more about what brings you joy rather than what soothes your fear.


Is there a project or hobby that brings you joy currently?

My current mood-boosting hobby is tending to my plants. I love to spend time admiring and caring for my plant collection. It gives me a comfortable environment in my home and I love that it encourages me to slow down and admire growth around me.


What is your favorite JLM product and why?

My favorite product right now is the Barista Edition Matcha. I enjoy an oat milk matcha latte almost every morning! It is my favorite way to start my day.

What impact do you want to have on the world?


I want to bring people together and spread as much joy as I possibly can. Community empowerment and human connection are important parts of the impact I’d like to make on this world.


We hope you enjoyed learning more about our plant mama, Nikko. If you would like to stay in touch with her, feel free to follow her on Instagram @nicolettameza.