Team Highlight: Meet Jules, Our Brand Manager

Team Highlight: Meet Jules, Our Brand Manager

Get To Know The Jade Leaf Family: Over the next couple of months, we will be highlighting each of our team members to give you an opportunity to get to know each of us on a deeper level. So far, you have met our CEO Will, Director of Foodservice Robbie, and now we're excited for you to learn more about Jules, our Brand Manager.

Can you describe your role/work to the community? What are some projects/initiatives you're responsible for?

In a nutshell, I connect people to matcha. I do this in a myriad of ways: I build and nurture relationships with our greater community of matcha lovers and brand partners, work on fun initiatives and projects that encourage people to find creative ways of incorporating matcha into their everyday lifestyles, I work with a team of creatives on storytelling projects to highlight matcha’s versatility and education, lead in-person events/activations (pre-covid) to provide people with an opportunity to experience matcha for the first time, and I work closely with our CEO Will on developing our team’s culture/diversity programs.


What is one valuable lesson about life or work that you've learned while being on the Jade Leaf Matcha team?

Vulnerability is strength, this is both a personal and professional lesson. Some people view vulnerability as a sign of weakness because it often portrays someone as being “soft” or “emotional” — I truly believe that embracing and communicating your vulnerability is a sign of strength because it is not easy, it requires courage. Vulnerability and emotional agility are essential when nurturing deep, genuine relationships; it’s an essential part of building trusting teams.


What is one mantra or quote you reference often or live by? 

Be the person your dog thinks you are. 

Pets have an incredible way of loving us unconditionally, this is a quote I remind myself often.


Is there a project or hobby that brings you joy currently?

I recently got back into sketching and charcoal. The summer has been especially difficult for me (personally) and I have been searching for an outlet to help myself heal through some painful moments. I love working with charcoal because of the emotive qualities that can be expressed as you manipulate charcoal with deep shadows, shading, and fine lines. This is charcoal portrait I'm currently working on, in memory of my 17-year old dog/son and best friend, Tigger, who passed away this summer.


What is your favorite JLM product and why?

I am obsessed with our Limited Edition offerings. Each year, we work closely with our network of tea farmers and our tea master to highlight the year’s most incredible offerings. I love that we get to celebrate and recognize our farmers and tea master for all of the hard work they do to cultivate organic matcha. I also take great pride in this line because I work with our team around designing a unique experience to deepen one’s love and appreciation for matcha for this year's collection. Plus, these offerings are soooo divine. Stay tuned for more details about our 2020 Limited Edition offerings soon!


What impact do you want to have on the world? 

Through my life and how I live it, I hope to show my future children that they do not have to settle for anything less than their heart and soul desire — they can pursue their wildest dreams, attain success, have deep meaningful relationships, while being a good-natured and kind-hearted person. I hope that my life and work inspires others to lead with their vulnerability and embrace fear/uncertainty to max out their life — this comes at a cost and often requires immense courage, but everything you want is on the other side of fear. This is our one chance at life, we must not settle. 

We hope you enjoyed learning more about our resident matcha addict, Jules. If you would like to stay in touch with her, feel free to follow her on Instagram @matchajules.