Our family is growing: Meet Robbie, the newest member of our team!

Our family is growing: Meet Robbie, the newest member of our team!

Please help us welcome Robbie Snow to the Jade Leaf Matcha family!

We're excited to announce that our matcha-loving family is growing. Please help us welcome Robbie Snow to the Jade Leaf Matcha family! He is such an incredible, kind, and genuine human being and we are excited for you all to get to know him.

Get to know more about this #matchaman:

"Hello! My name is Robbie Snow and I’m a soon-to-be resident of Portland, Oregon!

As the Director of Food Service it will be my responsibility to provide the best possible service to all of our wonderful cafes, ice cream shops, boba shops, and restaurants. I'm most excited about getting to know the people who get to play and experiment with our matcha. Learning about how they are being creative and serving their customers will be energizing. I look forward to giving them a rewarding experience so they can continue to be successful matcha ambassadors.

I love new challenges and learning new skills. Last year, I took up pickling and pasta making. This year, I hope to learn how to lead climb and become a better baker. I also enjoy riding my bike, snowboarding, playing soccer, or any other healthy activity that doesn’t involve going to a gym. I have an amazing family and am excited to extend it by joining the Jade Leaf Matcha Family!"


Robbie's Matcha Love Story

"Luckily, my matcha love story is still unravelling! I surrounded myself with matcha at the start of 2019 and have grown more and more infatuated with it by the day. This continuous love story is a result of simply enjoying matcha’s taste as well as my self-driven education on everything matcha. I strongly feel that when you know something intimately, you wind up appreciating every detail about that thing. Learning about matcha’s rich history, the delicacy of the manufacturing process, the numerous ways to consume and apply it, and its health benefits, has organically created my appreciation and love for this unique product. What’s exciting is that this journey isn’t even close to ending. I know I will continue to learn new things about matcha every day, whether it’s a new recipe or a new application, and my love for matcha will continue to expand!"


What inspired you to join the JLM family?

"Matcha to start! Having the opportunity to work for a company that has a genuine product that I love is so exciting. Secondly, I love how innovative Jade Leaf Matcha is and how they aren't afraid to take chances and innovate in order to bring matcha to the masses."

What are your passions outside of work?

"While I have a lot of hobbies, the biggest passion in my life is my family. My nieces and nephews are the world to me and I'm so lucky to spend the amount of time with them as I do. They bring me unlimited joy and I'm excited to watch them grow!"

What is one thing you want people to know about you?

"That I will be moving to Oregon in the fall to start a new adventure!"

Describe your first impression of or interactions with the Jade Leaf Matcha team:

"Two things: passion and dedication to individual growth. Jade Leaf Matcha's love of matcha is reflected in the quality of the brand; it's palpable. I also can't help but noticed how much time, effort, and care each member of the team is taking to make me feel welcome and comfortable. They want me to thrive not just at work, but to make sure I have a balanced life to thrive at home as well."


What's your favorite way of enjoying matcha?

"My favorite way to enjoy matcha (for now) is an iced matcha latte with unsweetened almond milk and a dash of honey."

If you'd like to connect with Robbie, feel free to follow his journey here @matcharobbie ✨