Meet Our Matcha Fruit Bites 🍋🍏🍑

Meet Our Matcha Fruit Bites 🍋🍏🍑

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We all know that nothing beats enjoying #jadeleafmatcha in a traditional bowl or in a delectable matcha latte. But we saw an opportunity to highlight matcha's versatility in a new and innovative way.

FINALLY, matcha you can snack on 😋


Our fruit bites are a convenient energy and antioxidant boost any time you need it, whether you're out on a hike or fighting through that mid-afternoon slump at your desk.

Made with simple organic ingredients - delicious real fruit purees infused with our authentic Japanese matcha - with no added sugar or artificial preservatives. Just a tasty, clean, energizing snack you can feel good about enjoying.

Fun facts about our Matcha Fruit Bites:

  • Real fruit infused with Japanese matcha green tea
  • Antioxidant rich, energizing snack on the go
  • No sugar added, USDA organic, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO
  • Similar caffeine to a cup of green tea (~25mg)
  • Convenient 1 ounce single serve pouches
  • One full serving of fruit in every pouch
They are available in three delicious flavors:

You can order each flavor by itself, or try all three at once with a variety pack!




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What's your favorite flavor? What's your favorite way of enjoying our Matcha Fruit Bites?

Once you get a chance to try all three flavors, let us know by posting a photo of you with our Matcha Fruit Bites and tagging us on Instagram @jadeleafmatcha.

We truly hope you enjoy this new product of ours. We are completely grateful for all of your support and hope to always make you proud as we venture out and think up creative ways we can elevate matcha, together.


So matcha gratitude,
Marc & the Jade Leaf Matcha team