Matcha is about people — from the farmers who cultivate each leaf with care, tothe tea masters who then craft the leaves with precision, and finally to those of us that get to enjoy the sublime taste and the way it makes us feel.

Without further ado, we would love to introduce you to our farmers and our tea master who passionately craft your matcha in Uji and Kagoshima, Japan.

We spent some quality time with our farmers in Japan during this year's First Harvest where we learned more about their family farms and their individual stories.

We learned about their passion and drive for cultivating organic matcha, we heard stories of their multi-generational tea farms and the farmers that came before them, and we got a behind-the-scenes look into their unique farming practices that yields their very best matcha (our 2019 Limited Edition Reserve Offerings).


What does our #KNOWYOURMATCHA campaign mean to you?


The #KNOWYOURMATCHA campaign was born out of our passion for you and this incredible community. We believe you deserve to know who makes your matcha. We are thrilled to welcome you behind-the-scenes of Jade Leaf and continue sharing the stories of the wonderful people behind our brand. Some of you shared what our Know Your Matcha campaign means to you on Instagram, here are some of your reflections that warmed our hearts:




We are grateful for the trust you have placed in us as your favorite matcha brand. We truly hope you enjoy learning more about our farmers and our tea master: Harima-san, Orita-san, Henta-san, and Morita-san.

Matcha gratitude,

Jules & the Jade Leaf Matcha Team