Introducing the Cafe Comeback Program: We need YOUR help!

Introducing the Cafe Comeback Program: We need YOUR help!

Jade Leaf Matcha is produced by the Kizuna Tea Collective, a thriving network of family farms across Japan, cultivating quality matcha since 1858. Kizuna is proud to announce the launch of the Cafe Comeback Program to support cafes and restaurants.

This program has been designed to get wholesale matcha to cafes ASAP so they can begin selling delicious matcha products, make money, return to a sense of day-to-day normalcy, and begin rebuilding their teams. By providing free wholesale matcha and extended payment terms, we hope our favorite food service establishments can begin to flourish within our communities again, so we can all come together and enjoy our favorite matcha menu items.

What makes the Cafe Comeback Program so special?

Starting today, May 13th, Kizuna Matcha is providing:

  1. A one time $100 matcha voucher to cafes and restaurants — There is no minimum purchase and the voucher can be applied to any order. The voucher can be used towards all grades of Kizuna Artisanal 6x1lb cases as well as Jade Leaf Organic 1lb matcha Canisters/Pouches and 6x1lb cases. The voucher can also be redeemed toward 10kg cases.
  2. 60-Day Credit Terms (if needed) — Kizuna Matcha won’t charge your favorite establishments for 60 days - subject to qualification.
  3. In addition, we are donating a portion of proceeds in 2020 to the national Restaurant Employee Relief Fund, along with local efforts such as the SF New Deal.
  4. The program will last as long as support is needed. We understand that certain areas of the country will open later than others, so the Cafe Comeback Program will be available indefinitely.


Who is eligible for the Cafe Comeback Program?

Any and all food service establishments who currently serve or want to begin serving matcha on their menus are eligible to be a part of this program.


We can't do this without you. Here's how YOU can help your favorite cafe during this tough time:

Nominate your favorite cafe, boba shop, and restaurant here — we’ll find the way to best support them. Spreading awareness is the first step. Do you have a favorite cafe, restaurant or boba shop? We sure do!! We miss being able to indulge in our favorite matcha treats that are made with so much love.