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Happy New Year: A Note From The Jade Leaf Family

Jules Reyes

A note to our amazing matcha community:

Our hearts are filled with so matcha gratitude for you. Your ongoing love and support have been the North Star guiding our team through this (past) challenging year.

It is difficult to sum up how 2020 has impacted each of us, our communities, and the world. Many of us have experienced moments of uncertainty, disappointment, heartbreak, and anger due to circumstances out of our control. Despite all of this, we have endured and made it to the beginning of 2021 together. We know that there are many challenges ahead, but we hope you can be proud of your resiliency and how you have adapted to moments of adversity. As we reflect on this year, one word comes to mind: kintsugi


Kintsugi is a form of Japanese art of repairing broken pottery and ceramics with gold (see photo below for a ceramic Jules repaired using this technique).



It is a beautiful philosophy and metaphor for life, reminding us that our "cracks" are what make each of us beautiful and unique. Every moment of adversity that shatters us to our core are often the moments that birth new growth, truth, revelation, and create a path to healing. Our communities have been severely "cracked" ...and together, we must mend them with the ✨ gold ✨ we each embody — love, support, kindness, tenderness, and understanding


YOU are the gold that makes Jade Leaf beautiful. Each thoughtful email, comment and DM on Instagram we have received this year created beautiful ripple effects that have touched each of our team members. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are grateful to continue this journey as we walk down this matcha-dusted path with you. Here's to a new year filled with possibilities, healing, love... and tons of matcha, of course!


Matcha gratitude for you,

The Jade Leaf Family: Will, Marc, Jules, Manyo, Robbie, Jun, and Nikko