Goodbye Clearance: 50% off Matcha Latte Infusions

Goodbye Clearance: 50% off Matcha Latte Infusions

Our Matcha Latte Infusions are currently on clearance (50% off while supplies last)! Click here to shop and stock up!

There's one thing for certain about you and our amazing community of matcha lovers: you continue to inspire us each and every day. We started seeing many of you write in and post on Instagram with different healthy additions you were mixing into your matcha latte — which got us thinking... How can we make this easier for everyone?

After sourcing the best ingredients we could find and experimenting in our test kitchen, we married high quality, organic Japanese matcha with functional ingredients to create convenient, delicious blends that you know as our Matcha Latte Infusions.

We loved the incredible response we received and have continued to learn from our community. Now, we'd like to use this knowledge to make them even better! So for the time being, we are saying goodbye to this first batch of our Matcha Latte Infusions, and heading back into the test kitchen to perfect our recipes. As always, we are open to hear any thoughts or feedback you would like to share with us on how we can improve these blends.


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