Goodbye Afternoon Coffee, Hello #MiddayMatcha

Goodbye Afternoon Coffee, Hello #MiddayMatcha

First off, we love coffee. There we said it. The rich aroma, bold flavor, and undeniable energy kick will always have a special place in our matter how dedicated we are to our true #1 (matcha, of course 🤗).

But we can also admit that too much coffee can be a not-so-great thing. The energy boost is often too strong (jitters!), short lived (crash!), and can mess with sleep cycles, especially if consumed later in the day 😬.

Bottom line - we may never be able to convince you away from your morning cup of joe (and we won't even try!)...but we DO challenge you to replace your afternoon fix with something that is healthier and more sustainable (again, talking about matcha here 🍵).

Now, we know we're preaching to choir as most of our readers are fellow #matchalovers - so really what we're asking of you is to help us spread the good word - get your friends excited! Make em a matcha latte. Let's all do better, together ✨.

Over the coming weeks, we'll have a series of giveaways, discounts, and other fun happenings all in celebration of #middaymatcha. Keep an eye on this newsletter...and if you haven't yet, check us out on instagram (hint: the first giveaway starts on there tomorrow, and it's for something brand new, and quite cool 😉)

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