High Energy Matcha Protein Bar


High Energy Matcha Protein Bar

Make and store batches of these High Energy Matcha Bars to always have quick, energizing bites of goodness on hand.

Recipe Credit: Victoriya and Oksana

Need a quick and energizing bite before you run out the door? Make a batch of these matcha bars to store in your fridge for a delicious, protein-and-antioxidant-packed snack anytime.

Our friends Victoriya and Oksana, Nutritionists and current PhD students, have shared this wonderful recipe. Here's what they say:

"Matcha goes well in this recipe, because the almost bitter undertones balance nicely with the sweetness of vanilla extract. Matcha has been shown to help maintain alertness, focus and attention. This high energy matcha protein bar is our favorite to grab when we are on the go!"

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