Easy Matcha Mochi


Easy Matcha Mochi

Snack on these delcioius easy Matcha Mochi Bites day or night!

Recipe Credit: Food & Wine

So we recently received a reader request for some more traditional Japanese recipes that include matcha—which I think is a great idea! (And please do keep requests like that coming...helps us choose more fun and interesting things to share.)

Our first pick was an easy one: mochi! This chewy rice flour treat is used in all sorts of Japanese cuisines...but the most popular are definitely the desserts.

To start, we've found a really easy recipe for basic matcha-flavored mochi bites. The key ingredient is sweet rice flour, which you should be able to find at most grocery stores (and definitely at more gourmet ones like Whole Foods).

Down the line, we'll share some more creative varieties with tasty fillings, including ice cream!

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