Orita Tea Garden Ceremonial Matcha

30g Tin


Orita-san combines traditional techniques with cutting edge science to produce some of the finest organic matcha in Japan. This single cultivar Okumidori, his best, embodies the lushness of the fertile Chiran region.

"When my father was young, he got sick from pesticides. Since then, for more than 40 years, we have focused on organic farming. When you don't use pesticides, you've got to boost the plants' strength and immunity, and create an environment that works with nature. We focus on keeping the soil as natural as possible, with the right balance of nitrogen, carbon, phosphoric acid, potassium, and other minerals. Because our soil is balanced, it's soft and fluffy, which makes for a very good field, and very good flavored tea."

Mitsushi Orita and his father, Nobuo Orita

Chiran, Kagoshima (Single Estate)

Harvest Date:
May 2019

Okumidori (Single Cultivar)

Tasting Notes:
Clean, medium-bodied, creamy, with flavors of milk chocolate, almonds, caramel

USDA Organic

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We believe you deserve to know who makes your matcha. Treat yourself or the matcha lover in your life to some truly exceptional and rare matcha, crafted by people you now know by name.

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