Limited Edition 2020: Shimooka-san Samidori Ceremonial Matcha


Limited Edition 2020: Shimooka-san Samidori Ceremonial Matcha

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Our Tea Master, Shimooka-san, is one of the most decorated artisanal producers in Japan, with over 50 years of dedication to his craft. Here, he has hand-blended a rare tea cultivar, Samidori, with just the right amount of Yabukita to achieve a unique and inviting flavor profile.

"Samidori is characterized by its bright color and mellow taste. Yabukita is overall excellent, characterized by a rich sweetness and an elegant aroma. We are blending those two characteristics in a perfect balance with an undertone of deep, broth-like umami flavor."

Kyugoro Shimooka, Jade Leaf Tea Master
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Kyoto, Japan

Harvest Date:
May 2020

Stone Ground Date:
March 2021

Samidori & Yabukita

Tasting Notes:
Subtle Sweetness, Brothy Umami

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Jackie B.
United States United States

This limited edition matcha is certainly exceptional. The unusual and rich umami flavors are definitely notable as stated in the product description - really a beautiful flavor and lovely difference from the usual taste of ceremonial matcha. I’m happy I went ahead and made the purchase as this product is quite unique and a joy to experience!

Tiffany R.
United States United States

Initial aroma of the dry matcha is reminiscent of cold pre-grated cheese. It blends well in any water temp and is great for usucha or koicha. When the powder mixes in it turns a gorgeous basil or pine green. The aroma is heavy with umami but also has hints of marine. The liquid is incredibly smooth. No silt, save till the end but even the end silt has it's own silkiness which is rather amazing. The flavor is mainly umami. Clean and crisp and clear.