Henta Tea Garden Ceremonial Matcha

30g Tin


Henta-san’s father began cultivating tea 51 years ago, and today the family farm is one of the most well respected in the mountainous region of Kirishima. This reserve is a single cultivar Okumidori he grows especially for tea competitions.

"Making tea is all about good soil. If you make good soil you get good tea. That's something we've always made sure of since the beginning. When harvesting, look closely at the leaves. Leaves must have a good shine to them, and curve inward. I check them every morning."

Kota Hamada Henta

Kirishima, Kagoshima (Single Estate)

Harvest Date:
May 2019

Okumidori (Single Cultivar)

Tasting Notes:
Bright, light-bodied, mildly tart, with flavors of baby spinach, sweet citrus, yuzu

USDA Organic

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We believe you deserve to know who makes your matcha. Treat yourself or the matcha lover in your life to some truly exceptional and rare matcha, crafted by people you now know by name.

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