Harima Tea Garden Ceremonial Matcha

30g Tin


Harima-san is a 6th generation farmer in the Uji region, Japan’s most famous for matcha tea cultivation. The Harima Tea Garden was one of the first in the region to adopt fully organic farming practices. His finest offering is a unique blend of Okumidori, Yabukita, and Komakage cultivars he grows on specially reserved tea fields.

"Organic farming requires tremendous amounts of weeding, especially during the summer months, but we are very proud of ourselves for being able to offer very healthy and safe teas for our customers."

Yoshiki Harima and his son, Yukihiro Harima

Uji, Kyoto (Single Estate)

Harvest Date:
May 2019

Okumidori, Yabukita, Komakage

Tasting Notes:
Bright, medium-bodied, smooth, with flavors of stonefruit, plum, arugula

USDA Organic

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We believe you deserve to know who makes your matcha. Treat yourself or the matcha lover in your life to some truly exceptional and rare matcha, crafted by people you now know by name.

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