Jade Leaf BAE Program

Calling all matcha lovers...join our BAE (Brand Ambassador Experience) Program! Get exclusive discounts for you and your followers PLUS early access to new products and monthly BAE challenges to win fun prizes.

Jade Leaf BAE Perks

  • 25% off community discount code to share with your followers so they can save on their first purchase.
  • 30% off personal discount provided once a month for you to save on your favorite Jade Leaf products.
  • Access to exclusive monthly challenges to win Jade Leaf products and exclusive BAE swag.
  • Be the first to experience new products we roll out before they're made available to the public.
  • Exclusive features in our newsletter, blog, and Instagram page that highlight you and your creations — always with proper credit! ...and so matcha more!
Jade Leaf BAE Meaning
Jade Leaf BAE Perks

What does it mean to be a Jade Leaf BAE?

  • You’re matcha-obsessed. You can’t get enough and you’re always looking forward to your next cup.
  • You love Jade Leaf & can’t help but share your love for our products!
  • You’re passionate about matcha’s rich history, health benefits, versatility, and the way it brings people together.
  • You’re an empowering and inspiring leader. Your community values your perspective and recommendations on how they can enrich their own lives with your tips.
  • Community is extremely important to you. You’re kind and welcoming, and enjoy connecting with like-minded individuals that also share a passion for matcha.
  • You're committed to elevating others’ matcha experience by sharing fun and innovative ways that you incorporate #jadeleafmatcha into your life every month through creative challenges and contests.