Artisanal Ceremonial Matcha - Limited Edition

30g Tin

Artisanal Ceremonial Matcha - Limited Edition


Based in Uji, Kyoto, our Tea Master, Shimooka-san, is one of the most decorated artisanal producers in Japan, with over 50 years of dedication to his craft. Here, he has hand-blended a selection of tea leaves from 5 multi-generational family farms in the Kyoto region. The resulting flavor is complex yet balanced, expressing the very best of matcha's birthplace in Japan.

Maker: Kyoguro Shimooka, Jade Leaf Tea Master

Origin: Kyoto, Japan

Harvest Date: May 2022 (Ichibancha, first flush)
Grinding Date: Oct 2022 (stone ground by traditional mill)
Best Enjoyed By: Apr 2024

Cultivar(s): Samidori, Yabukita
Tasting Notes: Balanced umami, sweet cream