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    BALANCING YOUR HUSTLE: Podcast Interview with our Co-founders Marc & Will


    Our Co-founders Marc St Raymond and Will Crowthers made their debut in  Episode 84 of the BALANCING YOUR HUSTLE Podcast with hosts Helen and Kayleigh!

    Marc and Will give insight into:

    • how their incredible start in the Tech Industry led them to journey into the tea world
    • personal tips on creating and achieving work-life balance as entrepreneurs 
    • matcha and its health benefits
    • valuable tips for brands trying to make it on Amazon
    • an inside look into our company, team, and relationships with our partner tea farmers
    • and SO MATCHA more!

    I don't want to share too much info, but one of my favorite parts of this episode is hearing their Tech to Tea founder story and how Jade Leaf Matcha came to be. It's inspiring to see how two friends came together and created this amazing company and community around something they both love. 

    We'd love for you to take a listen and, as always, we are completely open to your thoughts and feedback! 


    Matcha gratitude,