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    Model Meals + Jade Leaf Matcha = A Matcha Made in Heaven

    We are beyond excited to partner with the amazing team at Model MealsOrder placed for their July 28th menu cycle will receive a free sampler pack of our Matcha Latte Infusions!


    Model Meals is the no subscription required, 100% Whole 30/Paleo approved, ready-to-eat, meal prep service founded by two boss babes Danika Brysha and Camille May.

    I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing their meals and THEY. ARE. DELICIOUS. Being someone who follows the paleo lifestyle myself, I often find that it can be daunting and tiresome to cook up a paleo meal from scratch after a long day of work. At that point, most of my willpower has been exhausted and I find myself leaning towards making convenient and unhealthy choices to save time. Model Meals adds so much value to my life by crafting delicious whole 30/paleo meals and delivering them straight to my door every week.

    My favorite way of enjoying Model Meals is to reheat the meal on my stove, hide my phone and laptop to disconnect for my lunch break, and whip out my electric frother and whisk up one of our Matcha Latte Infusions to pair with my meal.

    Want to try them for yourself? We've got a sweet deal for you. Use "JADELEAF35" for $35 off your first Model Meals order of $50 or more!


    What is matcha?

    Matcha is simply pure, high grade green tea leaves from Japan that are ground up into a fine powder.  For centuries, monks have enjoyed matcha to support wellbeing and concentration during meditation.

    Matcha is renowned for numerous health benefits. It is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, fiber and chlorophyll. The health benefits of matcha exceed those of other green teas because matcha drinkers ingest the whole leaf, not just the brewed water. One glass of matcha is the equivalent of 10 glasses of green tea in terms of nutritional value and antioxidant content.

    Matcha also contains L-theanine, an amino acid known to relax the mind. For this
    reason, matcha is also known as a mood enhancer. Buddhist monks drank matcha to assist in meditation, as matcha’s amino acids, combined with caffeine, offer a sustained calm alertness over time.

    Meet our Matcha Latte Infusions

    We took organic matcha our farmers specifically crafted for exceptional lattes, and infused it with carefully chosen functional ingredients and adaptogens for health and well-being. Just blend, whisk, or shake with your favorite milk until smooth for a delicious latte, hot or iced.

    In each blend, premium organic Japanese matcha provides green tea nutrients and calm, focused energy. We also include pure organic acacia senegal, a soluble fiber that helps support a healthy, stable gut. All blends are unsweetened, dairy free, gluten free, and are paleo and keto friendly.

    • Premium functional ingredients at an approachable price
    • No added sugar or other sweeteners
    • About 1/3 the caffeine of a cup of coffee (30-40mg), with naturally occurring l-theanine for a calm, alert feeling
    • Convenient single serve stick packs - blend, whisk or shake with milk for a satisfying, nutritious latte, hot or iced

    Best enjoyed daily as your morning or afternoon pick-me-up with extra benefits for your mind, body, and gut.


    The Lineup: Our Infusions come in four delicious blends

    GLOW - Collagen + Biotin

    Grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine hide collagen peptides support organ and tissue health, and plant-based biotin (a vital type of B vitamin) supports skin, hair and nail health. Flavor Profile: smooth matcha green tea flavor - the collagen adds nearly no taste or aroma

    PROTECT - Turmeric + Ginger

    Brings together nourishing ayurvedic herbs, most notably turmeric for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and black pepper add delicious flavor and nutrients and support digestion. Flavor Profile: utterly satisfying spiced flavor and aroma with notes of cinnamon and cardamom standing out

    THINK - Lion's Mane + Cordyceps

    Includes Lion's Mane and Cordyceps, functional mushrooms that support brain health, cognitive function, energy and focus. Refreshing pure ginger root adds delicious flavor and supports digestion. Flavor Profile: earthy with a nice ginger note

    BALANCE - Probiotics + Prebiotics

    We chose a hardy probiotic strain that can survive heat & stomach acid to support digestive and immune health. Refreshing pure ginger root adds delicious flavor & along with extra prebiotic fiber, supports healthy digestion. Flavor Profile: just the right amount of matcha taste accented with a nice ginger note

    Our Matcha Latte Infusions pair perfectly with their meals for a few reasons:

    1. Just like Model Meals, our Matcha Latte Infusions are Whole 30 and paleo-friendly
    2. Quality, healthy ingredients: we both have sourced the best of the best to make healthy eating and drinking accessible without breaking the bank
    3. Convenience: The Model Meals team makes each meal with love and conveniently ships them out to your front door in sustainable packaging. They currently serve San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Phoenix. Our Matcha Latte Infusions include a blend of healthy ingredients that are conveniently packaged in single serves — just add to your favorite milk for a tasty matcha latte on the go.


    Hot Matcha Latte Recipe


    You’ll need:

    • Electric handheld frother (we have one available in our Modern Starter Set). If you don't have a frother, a mason jar and lid will do for some quick shaking action
    • 6-8 oz of your fave milk/mylk
    • 1 pack of a Matcha Latte Infusion (flavor of your choice)
    • (optional) 1 tbs of honey or your fave sweetener


    Makes 1 serving

    • Heat milk
    • Pour milk into your mug or mason jar and add 1 Matcha Latte Infusion
    • (Optional) add your sweetener
    • Slightly tilt your mug and use the electric frother to blend your matcha or shake in a mason jar
    • Sip & enjoy!


    GLOW Face Mask

    Our GLOW Matcha Latte Infusion has a blend of collagen and biotin that has incredible benefits for hair, skin, and nails. Because matcha is so versatile, we played around with a simple face mask recipe so you can reap the benefits of collagen and biotin when applied topically!

    You’ll need:

    • 1 GLOW Matcha Latte Infusion stick
    • 1 tsp of manuka honey
    • 1-2 drops of luke warm water


    • Add all ingredients into a bowl and combine to make a paste
    • Apply a thin layer on your face for approximately 15 minutes (you’ll feel the mask tighten once it dries)
    • Rinse off with luke warm water and moisturize
    • Repeat 1-3 times per week


    Don't forget to place your Model Meals order for this Sunday 7/28 to receive a free sample pack of our Matcha Latte Infusions! Use "JADELEAF35" for $35 off your first Model Meals order of $50 or more!

      Our family is growing: Meet Robbie, the newest member of our team!

      We're excited to announce that our matcha-loving family is growing. Please help us welcome Robbie Snow to the Jade Leaf Matcha family! He is such an incredible, kind, and genuine human being and we are excited for you all to get to know him.

      Get to know more about this #matchaman:

      "Hello! My name is Robbie Snow and I’m a soon-to-be resident of Portland, Oregon!

      As the Director of Food Service it will be my responsibility to provide the best possible service to all of our wonderful cafes, ice cream shops, boba shops, and restaurants. I'm most excited about getting to know the people who get to play and experiment with our matcha. Learning about how they are being creative and serving their customers will be energizing. I look forward to giving them a rewarding experience so they can continue to be successful matcha ambassadors.

      I love new challenges and learning new skills. Last year, I took up pickling and pasta making. This year, I hope to learn how to lead climb and become a better baker. I also enjoy riding my bike, snowboarding, playing soccer, or any other healthy activity that doesn’t involve going to a gym. I have an amazing family and am excited to extend it by joining the Jade Leaf Matcha Family!"


      Robbie's Matcha Love Story

      "Luckily, my matcha love story is still unravelling! I surrounded myself with matcha at the start of 2019 and have grown more and more infatuated with it by the day. This continuous love story is a result of simply enjoying matcha’s taste as well as my self-driven education on everything matcha. I strongly feel that when you know something intimately, you wind up appreciating every detail about that thing. Learning about matcha’s rich history, the delicacy of the manufacturing process, the numerous ways to consume and apply it, and its health benefits, has organically created my appreciation and love for this unique product. What’s exciting is that this journey isn’t even close to ending. I know I will continue to learn new things about matcha every day, whether it’s a new recipe or a new application, and my love for matcha will continue to expand!"


      What inspired you to join the JLM family?

      "Matcha to start! Having the opportunity to work for a company that has a genuine product that I love is so exciting. Secondly, I love how innovative Jade Leaf Matcha is and how they aren't afraid to take chances and innovate in order to bring matcha to the masses."

      What are your passions outside of work?

      "While I have a lot of hobbies, the biggest passion in my life is my family. My nieces and nephews are the world to me and I'm so lucky to spend the amount of time with them as I do. They bring me unlimited joy and I'm excited to watch them grow!"

      What is one thing you want people to know about you?

      "That I will be moving to Oregon in the fall to start a new adventure!"

      Describe your first impression of or interactions with the Jade Leaf Matcha team:

      "Two things: passion and dedication to individual growth. Jade Leaf Matcha's love of matcha is reflected in the quality of the brand; it's palpable. I also can't help but noticed how much time, effort, and care each member of the team is taking to make me feel welcome and comfortable. They want me to thrive not just at work, but to make sure I have a balanced life to thrive at home as well."


      What's your favorite way of enjoying matcha?

      "My favorite way to enjoy matcha (for now) is an iced matcha latte with unsweetened almond milk and a dash of honey."

      If you'd like to connect with Robbie, feel free to follow his journey here @matcharobbie ✨