Matcha Mondays Podcast: The Art of Setting Boundaries with Jules Reyes

Matcha Mondays Podcast: The Art of Setting Boundaries with Jules Reyes

With WFH, the holidays, our daily routines constantly changing and being challenged this is a podcast you won't want to miss! Our very own @matchajules joined @matchamondays to discuss a topic near and dear to her heart, establishing healthy boundaries in all areas of your life.

But first, a note from Jules on the topic of Boundaries:


"Setting and maintaining boundaries have been a focus of mine over the last two years. The former 'people pleaser' in me was mentally and physically burnt out, had very little capacity,  and I wanted to actively resource myself with tools to lead a more sustainable, authentic, and fulfilling life. My default has always been to prioritize the needs of others, while constantly putting myself on the back burner. My relationship with my boundaries is constantly evolving, it's a life-long process to learn how to love yourself and champion for yourself, but I witness how far I've come in just two years. 

I'm honored to have shared virtual space with the lovely hosts of the Matcha Mondays Podcast, Silver and Mira! When we first connected, it was apparent there were synergies and similar interests relating to the topics of boundaries and mental health.



We discuss what boundaries are and the various categories of boundaries that exist. I share what prompted me to understand how to incorporate boundaries in my life and tools I use everyday to maintain my boundaries and prioritize my mental health.

I hope that this discussion reassures others that setting boundaries in all aspects of their life IS healthy, a beautiful way to be your best advocate, and normalize the topic at hand."

— xx, Jules (Creative Marketing Manager of Jade Leaf)


Tune In: Episode 45 - The Art of Setting Boundaries feat. Jules Reyes


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About the Matcha Mondays Podcast



Matcha Mondays is a podcast where co-hosts Silver and Mira — connect with their audience while discussing everything matcha and a variety of topics including their favorite sneaky snacks, mental health, goal setting, sustainability, body-positivity, and self-love. Mira and Silver connected over their shared love of matcha, photography, content creating, and mental health advocacy over the past 5 years.

Fun fact: they connected virtually through a mutual friend!

They started Matcha Mondays podcast when one day, Mira and Silver were chatting in a hotel catching up over 2 years of events, and noticed how much time had passed! They looked at each other laughing, and said “maybe we should start a podcast.” After many years of pep-talks, advice, vent sessions, tears and laughs, they both realised that they had so many experiences to share with others in hopes that people felt they could be understood and heard.

Matcha Mondays was finally born in December 2020, when Mira and Silver realized their goal was to help others with their mental health, wellness, and navigating through the world in stages of early adulthood. They can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Instagram, and Tiktok @matchamondayspodcast!


About Silver



Silver is a Vancouver-native, born and raised. Silver has an academic background in physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech & language pathology, with a focus in mental health. She currently works professionally in youth mental health & substance use in Vancouver. She loves highland cows, drawing incredible body-positive art, mental health, and creating new matcha drinks! She started her own small business in 2019, with a concentration in body-positivity, accessibility and sustainability; and now sells art through Instagram and Etsy! All her art is sustainable (another one of her passions) and surrounds self love and acceptance! If you want to keep up with her, you can follow her @silverrumorgallery!


About Mira



Mira has been all over the place, originally a Canadian native (and still is!) but moved to Dubai and then to the United States - she’s lived on both coasts! She currently lives in California because she cannot stand the cold. She has a background in emergency medicine but is currently in data analytics. Mira loves reading, baking, cinematography, traveling, and looking at old architecture. She also loves hiking and eating. Mira has slowly transformed her social media to lifestyle/wellness-focused, so if you want to keep up with her, you can follow her on Instagram and Tikok @chashmira!