Introducing: Premium Matcha Latte Infusions 🍵✨

Introducing: Premium Matcha Latte Infusions 🍵✨

Ever added a scoop of collagen to your matcha latte? Or how about a dash of turmeric...or even Lion's Mane mushroom powder? The world of healthy adaptogens and functional foods has been exploding with so many incredible ingredients, with more and more science to show the positive effects they can have on our bodies and minds.

As if matcha wasn't already great enough on its own, turns it out it makes the perfect base for these magically healthy elixirs, especially in latte form!

Matcha Latte Infusions - Balance

Matcha Latte Infusions - Glow

The Inspiration

We started seeing so many of you write in and post on Instagram with different healthy additions you were mixing into your matcha lattes. A few of these ingredients we would see over and over again—collagen, turmeric, functional mushrooms—which got us thinking two things:

1) This is amazing.
2) How do we make this easier for everyone?

Managing a cabinet full of different superfoods and adaptogens can be time consuming and costly, not to mention how hard it is to be sure you’re getting the best quality. We saw an opportunity to source the best ingredients, bring them together into convenient, delicious blends, and our Matcha Latte Infusions were born!

Matcha Latte Infusions - THINK

Matcha Latte Infusions - PROTECT

The Challenge

The challenge here was working with so many new ingredients beyond matcha - collagen, turmeric, functional mushrooms, probiotics - we consulted experts and learned so much about what separates the good from the bad, both in health benefits and flavor. We knew we had to create a delicious matcha latte, while having enough of the additional functional ingredients to provide an actual benefit. And we knew we wanted to avoid sweeteners of any kind so that our customers could sweeten however they wished. This meant the flavors of the functional ingredients had to work, and that our delicious matcha still had to shine through. It was tough, but we’re really proud of how they turned out!

Matcha Latte Infusions

The Result

We took organic matcha our farmers specifically crafted for exceptional lattes, and infused it with carefully chosen functional ingredients and adaptogens for health and well-being. Just blend, whisk, or shake with your favorite milk until smooth for a delicious latte, hot or iced.

In each blend, premium organic Japanese matcha provides green tea nutrients and calm, focused energy. We also include pure organic acacia senegal, a soluble fiber that helps support a healthy, stable gut. All blends are unsweetened, dairy free, gluten free, and are paleo and keto friendly.

  • Premium functional ingredients at an approachable price
  • No added sugar or other sweeteners
  • About 1/3 the caffeine of a cup of coffee (30-40mg), with naturally occurring l-theanine for a calm, alert feeling
  • Convenient single serve stick packs - blend, whisk or shake with milk for a satisfying, nutritious latte, hot or iced

Best enjoyed daily as your morning or afternoon pick-me-up with extra benefits for your mind, body, and gut.

Matcha Latte Infusions - Balance

The Lineup

GLOW - Collagen + Biotin

Grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine hide collagen peptides support organ and tissue health, and plant-based biotin (a vital type of B vitamin) supports skin, hair and nail health. Flavor Profile: smooth matcha green tea flavor - the collagen adds nearly no taste or aroma

PROTECT - Turmeric + Ginger

Brings together nourishing ayurvedic herbs, most notably turmeric for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and black pepper add delicious flavor and nutrients and support digestion. Flavor Profile: utterly satisfying spiced flavor and aroma with notes of cinnamon and cardamom standing out

THINK - Lion's Mane + Cordyceps

Includes Lion's Mane and Cordyceps, functional mushrooms that support brain health, cognitive function, energy and focus. Refreshing pure ginger root adds delicious flavor and supports digestion. Flavor Profile: earthy with a nice ginger note

BALANCE - Probiotics + Prebiotics

We chose a hardy probiotic strain that can survive heat & stomach acid to support digestive and immune health. Refreshing pure ginger root adds delicious flavor & along with extra prebiotic fiber, supports healthy digestion. Flavor Profile: just the right amount of matcha taste accented with a nice ginger note

Matcha Latte Infusions

To celebrate the launch we'd like to provide a little discount for you all to give our new infusions a try. You know we love hearing your feedback - good or bad - to help us continually improve our offerings.

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What's your favorite blend? What's your favorite way of enjoying our Matcha Latte Infusions?

Once you get a chance to try our new Matcha Latte Infusions, let us know by posting a photo of you with our infusions and tagging us on Instagram @jadeleafmatcha.

We truly hope you enjoy this new product of ours. We are completely grateful for all of your support and hope to always make you proud as we venture out and think up creative ways we can elevate matcha, together.

So matcha gratitude,
Marc & the Jade Leaf Matcha team